Diana Wilson

Diana is a criminal and international criminal law barrister who was called in 2001 and worked continuously in these fields since then. She has worked in varied UK and international settings working on counter-terrorism, war crimes, crimes against humanity, organised crime and anti-corruption. She has experience putting together training programmes for police, prosecutors and judges and working with all actors across the justice sector.

Her experience includes being in charge of serious investigations including those involving covert measures. She has been a prosecutor in Kosovo, at the SITF and at the KSPO as well as being trial counsel at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. She was also a serving RAF lawyer for a time and worked as a military prosecutor. 

She has a particular expertise in relation to sexual violence including having led a number of rape as a war crime trials and investigations. She is a current Rape and Serious Sexual Offender advocate on the CPS lists and is also a Grade 4 (highest grade)prosecutor on the General Crime, Serious and Organised Crime and Counter-Terrorism CPS lists.