Hedley Tomlyn


Hedley has held a wide range of commercial, operational and policy roles. He has worked with large multinational companies and specialised consultancies on government-level transformation and reform, mainly in the Middle East. He has extensive experience working across government, specifically as a Conflict Pool/CSSF Board Member for Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. He was the Defence Attaché, and Senior Responsible Officer for the security pillar of the NSC Country Strategy in Jordan – one of HMG’s larger overseas security and capacity-building programmes. He was formerly a submariner in the Royal Navy and subsequently a Military Intelligence officer. He has broad operational experience, including working for the UN Special Commission in Iraq and supporting the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia – as well as military roles in operational theatres across the Balkans and Middle East. He previously qualified as an Interpreter in Arabic and remains proficient in the written and spoken language. He has masters degrees from Cranfield School of Management and King’s College London.