Simon Barry

Simon Barry’s military career included achievements such as establishing the Pathfinders and refocussing the strategic planning process to involve a broader range of intelligence and supporting agencies in preparing to face the unexpected in a compressed time frame. He saw active service in Northern Ireland in a variety of roles, the Balkans with an Anglo-French team and East Africa; he also served with the Canadian Army on exchange. Since leaving in 2004 he worked for several years in Iraq for the US Government, the UN and the Iraqi Government, initially establishing the largest private security operation in a hostile environment ever. More recently he has worked in high value mining (Gold, Diamonds) in many countries in Africa as well as in Aviation, Logistics and Risk Management for a broad variety of clients. Most recently he has been involved in developing business in Africa and in the implementation of ISO standards in both Africa and the Middle East. He holds a MSc in Risk Management, is a Specialist of the Institute of Risk Management and an ISO9001 Lead Auditor.