Welcome to Minerva Advisory Group

Minerva Advisory Group is a specialist consultancy that helps government and commercial organisations to find clarity in complexity and succeed in volatile and challenging environments. We specialise in the analysis of problems, the development of delivery strategies and the design and evaluation of programmes. Through insight, intelligence, and diligent planning we help our clients to achieve their desired aims while operating safely and compliantly.

Who we are – our people
Minerva Advisory Group is the sum of diverse expertise bringing multiple perspectives and experience to bear on our clients’ behalf and able to bring collective experience and understanding to complex situations. Our expertise reflects our backgrounds as diplomats, development professionals, soldiers, strategy consultants, aid workers, intelligence officers, government officials, lawyers and academics. It is this combination, together with an empathetic approach and extensive local experience that makes Minerva Advisory Group relevant and distinctive. See more on “Who we are” page.

What we do – bringing clarity to complexity
For over 15 years clients have worked with us to help solve the challenges of promoting stability and security to increase resilience and reduce risk from multiple threats: from terrorism, radicalisation, serious and organised crime or civil unrest. The insight and depth of experience we have gained across the fields of governance, economic, security and rule of law expertise are invaluable in providing our clients with the intelligence and tools they need to find clarity and operate with greater certainty in an uncertain world.

Who we work for
Clients include government departments and agencies from many parts of the world, international and non-governmental organisations, and national and international businesses, including small, specialist and local partnerships.

Can we help you?
We are always pleased to provide advice without obligation.  For more information, or a preliminary discussion, please get in touch.  Details are on the “Contact us” page.