Risk Analysis and Mitigation

Based on the knowledge, experience and skills of our experts, we are able to help organisations think strategically around the understanding, analysis and mitigation of risks associated with the planning and implementation of activities. 

This involves in-depth mapping of risks through the lenses of; programmatic risks (including understanding of complex socio-political environments); operational risks (associated with implementation on the ground cognisant of local dynamics); and compliance risk (that can have negative or unintended consequences for organisations).

Understanding and Mapping Risk

Our mapping for risks takes organisations through a process of identifying potential risks to operations based on our experience and expertise. This would typically be done at the inception of activities in order to plan for costs and measures required to mitigate these risks. This in-depth planning approach helps build resilience against the unexpected by identifying desired outcomes, potential risks and mitigation options at an early stage to optimise resource allocation and maximise agility.

Analysing Risk

Following from our mapping risks we can help organisations analyse these in relation to the environments and fluid conditions on the ground. Risk analysis is most effective when done on a continuous basis ensuring that it is dynamic and appropriate. This is linked to our ethos of continuous learning within our operating environments to ensure that the organisation, communities, governance entities are best protected against unintended and negative consequences. Resilient projects, particularly in complex and fragile environments, require a wide range of inter-dependencies with stakeholders including local communities, host governments and civil society groups. We can help identify and support these relationships.

Mitigation and Managing Risk

In our approach we build on understanding and analysis to identify the mitigation measures for identified risks. This is then complemented through advice and tools that facilitate the active management of these risks, including the latest proprietary systems and software, to monitor and manage risk, and to help our clients develop effective strategies for crisis management, from planning for a range of events, to response and recovery.