Governance and Rule of Law in Contested Spaces

The Rule of Law and Security and Justice applied effectively and fairly by a functioning government, is the basis of all economically and socially secure societies. A failure of governance and rule of law not only affects the security and prosperity of the immediate community, but the consequences travel widely and rapidly to affect others through the mechanisms of terrorism, violent extremism and serious & organised crime (SOC). Minerva works closely with the UK Government and other national governments to help build Security and Justice capabilities and capacity. We have extensive experience of national security design and decision making, intelligence fusion, managing extremism and countering SOC. We also advise commercial clients operating in challenging and volatile contexts.

Governance and Rule of Law

We have extensive experience and expertise in the assessment, design and delivery of governance and rule of law capacity building on behalf of the UK Government and other national governments.  Our team includes lawyers, former judges, senior police officers, intelligence officers and experts in government. 

Managing Extremism

Minerva specialises in organisational analysis and capability to help manage extremism. Our specialists are drawn from government, the academic world, the diplomatic service, the military and the police. We bring together individual skills to develop bespoke programmes for specific requirements. Our specialists have extensive experience not only in their subject matter but also in working alongside developing counter extremism organisations through a range of mediums. These include workshops, conferences, policy and organisational development, mentoring and monitoring.

Countering Serious and Organised Crime

Minerva holds senior expertise in the areas of cyber security, countering illicit finance and countering organised crime. We are engaged in both assessment and advisory work (including evidence gathering) to provide advice to both governments and commercial organisations.