Specialist Programme Design & Development

We have unparalleled experience in helping clients, whether they are governments, NGOs or commercial organisations, solve the challenges of promoting stability and security to increase resilience and reduce the risks from terrorism, radicalisation, serious and organised crime or civil unrest. With over fifteen years’ experience across the fields of governance, economic, security and rule of law, we can provide the intelligence and tools required to operate with greater certainty.

Strategic Analysis and Planning

Understanding a problem at the outset through Political, Economic and Security Analysis helps identify desired outcomes, key stakeholders, actors, risks and options. A clear analysis and realistic assessment enables precious resources to be used effectively and helps ensure that clients are prepared for dealing with unexpected events. We provide support to policy makers, both in government and the commercial sector, particularly in research, analysis and needs assessments. 

Programme Design and Management

Charting the path from policy articulation to programme implementation is often complex.

We are experienced in the development of options and programme design, including the development of theories of change, measurable outcomes, and programme evaluation. 

Measurement, Evaluation, Reflection and Learning

Integral to any organisation is the capacity to reflect on its sphere of operations and integrate that learning into improved results. We have developed methodologies for the assessment, recording and management of programme results, enabling agile and effective management from the field to head office. Bespoke information technology systems enable programme interrogation and assessment. Using the combination of our expertise and our ability to analyse the political and security economy we support organisations to build reflection and learning into management processes to ensure that operations are effective, and that unintended or negative consequences are addressed and approaches are localised to changing ground dynamics.